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Haitong Bank among top pickers for Parkiet portfolio

Mr. Księżopolski, Haitong Bank’s Head of Research accurately chose companies which are worth investing in last year

Based on a summary published by the Polish Newspaper, Parkiet, Your Portfolio Model, each quarter companies are invited by the newspaper to indicate and recommend the best choices for investors in terms of ROI (return on investment) potential. Konrad Księżopolski, responsible for the Research area of Haitong Bank, represented the Bank in this project.

Companies selected by Haitong Bank generated a ROI estimated at more than 32.1% in the full year 2015, placing the Bank in the top position on Parkiet's ranking. The article underlines the fact that even in a difficult period as in the 4th quarter, the companies selected by Konrad Księżopolski achieved excellent results.


Article is available here (Polish, for registered users only)