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José Maria Ricciardi and Qu Quiping visit the NYSE

CEO of BESI and CEO of Haitong Securities visit the NYSE

José Maria Ricciardi, CEO of BESI and Qu Quiping, CEO of Haitong Securities, were present yesterday, the 2nd of March, at the opening session of the New York Stock Exchange. 

The joint visit of the two CEO’s reflects the importance that both give to the growth of BESI's activities in New York. Note that Haitong bought BESI in December of last year and is currently awaiting the authorizations of several regulators to complete the acquisition. José Maria Ricciardi, CEO of BESI, and Qu Quiping, CEO of Haitong Securities, met with the NYSE heads, responsible for the activity of "listings" and the NYSE Capital Markets, this mark will surely pave the way for what anticipates of being one important area of the future activity for Haitong/BESI: the provision of services to Chinese companies on the NYSE. 

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