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Haitong advises Novo Banco and Mota Engil in the sale of Tertir

José Maria Ricciardi highlights the importance of Yildirim's investment in Portugal

<p>in <em>Diário Económico</em></p>

in Diário Económico

Haitong advised Mota-Engil and Novo Banco in the sale of Terir to the Turkish group, Yildirim, which deal was completed last Friday. Speaking to the Economic Newspaper “Diário Economico”, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Haitong Bank, José Maria Ricciardi, highlighted the importance of the deal, as proof, of the interest that the Portuguese economy has to foreign investors.

"This deal includes assets located in several countries and not only ours, but it shows that Portugal continues to attract major international investors, that bring capital into the country. We are extremely proud to contribute to the Portuguese Economy," said the CEO of the Investment Bank, which until last year, was formly BESI.

"Haitong Bank initiated contacts and presented the Yildirim Group of Turkey to the Mota-Engil Group and was the financial advisor to Mota-Engil and Novo Banco," Ricciardi affirmed, adding that former BESI is now a "Portuguese-Chinese Bank, headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal and with a greater capacity and global reach, thanks to the new shareholder, Haitong."

On Friday, Mota-Engil completed the sale to the Yildirim Group of their port and logistics business, for 245 million euros. The amount was 30 million lower than expected, due to not having yet completed the renegotiation of the “Concessão do Terminal de Contentores de Leixões”.

Besides Haitong Bank, other participates in the operation were the law firms - “Albuquerque e Associados” and Erdem & Erdem as buyer representation. On the side of the sellers were “Vieira de Almeida & Associados” and “CSA”.

Source: Diário Económico