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Haitong sponsors a new Health Program for Kids


Haitong collaborates and always strives to assist, as much as possible, with many social responsibility initiatives. Terra dos Sonhos is one of these associations to whom Haitong offers their support.

Terra dos Sonhos aims to raise awareness and inspire society to the importance of emotional and mental well-being in the quality of life and physical health. One of its strategic areas of intervention is through the Intensive Care Unit of Happiness, the first emotional health unit in Portugal and Europe, with specialised strategic programs for the beneficiaries of the institution and also for employees of partnership companies.

A recent program, set up and keying emotional skills, supporting 10 diabetic children of the Hospital Fernando Fonseca, began this week and was made only possible due to the main sponsorship of Haitong.

The pillars of which the Intensive Care Unit of Happiness are founded on are self-esteem, managing emotions, change and acceptance and positive communication. The key objective of this unit is to implement and educate emotional well-being tools for segments of society whose situation of physical or emotional health are especially weak.