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25 years of the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Konrad Księżopolski, Head of Equity Research of Haitong Bank Warsaw branch, commented on 25 years of the Warsaw Stock Exchange on Polish website money.pl

On 12th April the WSE celebrated its 25th anniversary. In the article, Mr. Księżopolski pointed out that many things have changed in Polish economy and capital market during these 25 years.

The beginning of the stock exchange marked the beginning of a free market. Mr. Księżopolski pointed out that in comparison to stock exchanges in the region, such as Czech Republic and Hungary, WSE is in a very good position.

"The Warsaw Stock Exchange significantly contributed to creation of free market economy and the enrichment of the society. Salaries are constantly rising, likewise our savings. Some of them will enter the capital market, thus building the strength of the WSE" – explained Mr. Księżopolski.

Article is available (only in Polish) here