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Haitong Bank on Brexit’s implications for Poland

Ryszard Hermanowski, Executive Director at Haitong Bank in Poland, participated in a panel discussion about Brexit’s influence on European financial markets

Haitong Bank's representative was invited to take part in the first panel discussion in a series of debates of Expert Investors entitled “Development prospects of the Polish financial market in the context of Brexit”. The debate organized by the Polish online channel dedicated to Capital Markets, Inwestorzy.tv, was held on May 16th, 2017 at the Centrum of Investors at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The panelists discussed the impressive growth level of the UK’s GDP, as well as the forthcoming hard-line negotiations with the European Union and possible budgetary problems.

“One should remember how strongly United Kingdom is associated with the European Union. These two economies are connected by about 50 percent of import and export. I think this is one of the key elements that both sides should nurse in the long term”, Ryszard Hermanowski said during the discussion.  Haitong's expert also noted that the current uncertainty surrounding Brexit should prompt Poland to build stability and good conditions primarily for hard, productive businesses. “Then we can put additional values not only to the production of easy items but also new ideas, different know-hows”, Ryszard Hermanowski added.