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Haitong Bank participates in debate on corporate transparency

Kamil Stolarski, analyst at Haitong Bank, CFA, participated in the event held at the Warsaw Stock Exchange that awards the most transparent companies

Parkiet’s editorial, in cooperation with the Polish Institute of Accountancy and Taxes (IRiP), have tipped the most transparent companies from three of the most important indexes (WIG20, mWIG40, sWIG80) at an Award show held on April 6th 2017 at the WSE. Twenty listed companies have received “Corporate Transparency of 2016” diplomas.

There was also a debate at the event on the standards a company should meet to be acknowledged by investors as transparent for the market, among other key subjects. During the panel, Mr. Stolarski noted that quarterly reports of Polish companies, often include more information than reports of companies, for example, listed on London Stock Exchange. The analyst also pointed out that there are a lot of researchrs which confirm that transparent companies are listed with significantly higher rates on stock markets.

The event was held under the honorary patronage of Warsaw Stock Exchange and media patronage of “Rzeczpospolita”, leading Polish daily.


More information is available here (in Polish only)