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Haitong Bank ranks first in ”Parkiet"’s Competition

Haitong Bank’s Analyst Team in Poland won the Fundamental and Dividend Portfolios categories in the 2019 Competition organised by ”Parkiet”.

The Analyst Team led by Mr. Konrad Księżopolski recorded a 48.7% return in its Fundamental Portfolio, which compares to the average of 29.6% rate registered by the other institutions that took part in the competition. Haitong Bank’s Polish team beat the whole market, comprehensively so given that in 2019, the WIG index (Polish Stock Market Return Rate), including all companies listed at Warsaw Stock Exchange, grew solely by 0.3%. Haitong Bank in Warsaw chose fast–growing, small and medium companies representing the telecommunications and gaming sectors, and Mr. Księżopolski’s Team attributes their victory to this choice, and noted that Noble Securities took second place in the Fundamental Portfolios category, with an almost 10% lower return.

Haitong Bank also created the best Dividend Portfolio. The Analyst Team reached a close to 36% return on this type of portfolio. Mr. Księżopolski says that he believes investing in dividend companies will continue to be the right choice in 2020, which is when an economic slowdown is expected.