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Haitong Bank: Which bonds are worth investing in?

Jarosław Riopka predicts which bonds may be profitable for investors in 2016 in an article on money.pl

Among the variety of investment products, interesting solution for customers looking for profit may be corporate bonds.

Mr. Jarosław Riopka, Vice President - Debt Capital Markets in Haitong Bank in Poland, pointed to interesting issuers who, with an average level of credit risk, are willing to pay for their bonds ca. 2-3 percent above Warsaw Interbank Offered Rate (WIBOR). As a result, investors can gain even 4-5 percent of profits.

Mr. Riopka presented a view that bonds of industrial companies, development companies and debt collection agencies should look attractive for investors.
Low interest rates, set by the Monetary Policy Council, can further stimulate popularity of corporate bonds among investors. However corporate bonds shouldn't be treated as an alternative for bank deposits, which are under warranty of Bank Guarantee Fund — added Mr. Riopka.

Article is available here (only in Polish)