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Kamil Stolarski’s exclusive video interviews were published on Polish Press Agency’s website

Haitong’s analyst commented on the proposed FX bill as a part of the CHF solution and on the estimated cost of the draft law in two separated videos

On the 2nd of August the President's Office announced a new approach towards addressing the CHF-issue in Poland. Instead of forcing banks to convert CHF into PLN mortgages through a bill, now the proposed plan is to increase risk weights on FX mortgages.

"As of the cost of returning excessive spreads, the Office of the President mentioned a figure of PLN 3,6-4 bn. It seemed undervalued to me, taking into consideration previous KNF estimates as well as banks’ communications. It is more likely that the cost will amount to around PLN 7-8 bn" - explained Kamil Stolarski.

Video interviews are available here and here (only in Polish)