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Haitong International confirms leading position in the Hong Kong IPO Market

In terms of total dollar value and number of IPO completed, Haitong International ranked the TOP 1 on the “Hong Kong IPO underwriter list"

During 2016, Haitong International has completed a total of 23 IPO deals with the total amount of US$ 1.419 billion. In terms of the total dollar value and the number of IPO completed, Haitong International ranked the TOP 1 on the “Hong Kong IPO underwriter list”.

Haitong International has been selected as the Best Chinese Equity Financing Institution in Hong Kong by FinanceAsia, an authoritative financial journal and has also won the Excellent Financial Advisor Award issued by the Bloomberg Business Week.

It was named the Best Chinese Investment Bank of The Year for the second year in a row and the Best IPO Sponsor in 2016 in the "2016 China Listed Financial Institutions Award".

In the Hong Kong IPO market, Haitong International has been in a leading position over the past few years. According to Bloomberg, between 2012 and 2016, Haitong International had been involved in 78 IPO as joint bookrunner, underwriter or other roles. In terms of number of IPO, Haitong International ranked number 1. Last year, the most eye-catching IPO in Hong Kong market was of the Postal Saving Bank of China, the Haitong International public offering subscription size was around HK$ 1.94 billion, exclusively covering 23% of the IPO. With the outstanding performance, Haitong International got the result of 2.6 times of the subscription coverage. This IPO is the largest one since the IPO of AIA in 2010.

In addition to the IPO of Postal Saving Bank of China, last year Haitong International also participated in several other fund-raising with more than US$ 1 billion, such as the ZheShang Bank in March and Orient Securities in July. It further confirms Haitong International's leading position in Hong Kong IPO market.



优秀表现获市场及业界的肯定,先后获得权威财经刊物《金融亚洲》(FinanceAsia)评选为香港地区 - 中国金融机构类别中「最佳股权融资机构」,获《彭博商业周刊》(BloombergBusinessWeek)颁发投资银行类别「财务顾问卓越大奖」,连续第二年荣获《和讯网中国财经风云榜》评选为「年度优秀中资投行」,并于《2016中国融资上市公司大奖》中获得「最佳IPO项目保荐人」。

过去数年,海通国际在香港IPO市场一直处于领先地位。根据彭博信息的数据,2012年至2016年期间,海通国际以联席账簿管理人或以上角色共参与78个首次公开发行项目,以累计项目宗数计算,位列香港IPO承销商排行榜首位。 去年市场最触目的逾10亿美元的中国邮政储蓄银行首次公开发行项目中,海通国际公开发售的申购规模约为19.4亿港元,独家覆盖约60%,占公开发售总认购额约23%。

海通国际通过优异的表现与成绩带动了热烈的认购氛围,最终实现了2.6倍认购覆盖,获得了邮储银行的高度赞赏。 除中国邮政储蓄银行外,海通国际去年亦以不同角色参与了香港IPO市场其他几个为数不多的集资额超过10亿美元的项目,如3月份浙商银行及7月份东方证券的首次公开发行项目,进一步印证了海通国际在香港资本市场一如既往保持的行业领先地位。