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Haitong Securities on top of the credit rating of corporate bond underwriter

In a comprehensive evaluation of 56 brokerage firms, Haitong Securites come out on top with 94.33 points

On the last working day of 2016, the credit rating of corporate bond underwriter was released, with Haitong Securities taking the lead with 94.33 points.

The comprehensive evaluation of 56 brokerage firms was based on six aspects: social credit evaluation, departmental evaluation, issuer evaluation, technical and depository evaluation, market evaluation and expertise evaluation.

Corporate Bonds are the oldest, most diversified and best financial tool in China. It plays an irreplaceable role in supporting Chinese real economy. Haitong Securities has been the most active underwriter in the corporate bond market. It has won several first places in the domestic bond issuing market.

Haitong Securities corporate bond underwriting performance was also impressive, underwriting 35 corporate bonds in 2016 with a total value of 44.39 billion RMB; representing a market share of 7.49%, holding the leading position in the market.