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Haitong brings 25 companies to London

The Haitong Annual Iberian Conference was the inaugural event of 2017 that brought together, in London, the top listed companies from the Iberian Market

The sixth edition of the Haitong Annual Iberian Conference took place on the 12th and 13th of January 2017 at Haitong in London.

The Iberian Conference has become one of our main events, addressing investment options, challenges and changes that institutional investors face in the Iberian Market.

Taking place during two days, it attracted 25 companies from various sectors of the Portuguese and Spanish markets and brought together over 100 leading fund managers to discuss important issues related to the Iberian Market, with in this year’s edition, having a special focus and a panel on the importance of Chinese Investment in European Markets. The honorable speakers on the panel were Mr Lingjiang Xu from Fosun; Mr Jorge Garcia, CEO, Hispanic-China Chamber of Commerce and Mrs Sandra Utsumi, Head of European Economics Research, from Haitong Bank. The Panel was moderated by Mr. Filipe Rosa, Head of Iberian Research, Haitong Bank.

The Haitong Annual Iberian Conference provides the ideal forum for European institutional investors to meet Iberian management teams through individual or small group meetings as well as an ideal environment to optimize investment decisions.

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