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If you are looking for an opportunity in the Investment Banking industry, send us your CV

We regularly offer job opportunities all over the world.

At Haitong Bank, we offer a combination of expertise in corporate and investment banking, as well as in institutional services. Through our offices in Portugal, Spain, UK, Poland, França, Brazil and Macau, the Bank has an unrivalled cross-border approach, connecting clients and opportunities across its broad group network with a team of nearly 350 professionals.


How can I submit a spontaneous application to Haitong Bank?
To make a spontaneous application please fill in and submit your application form accordingly.


Where can I find vacancies/job opportunities?
Most of our offices recruit through LinkedIn. Feel free to visit Haitong Bank’s page and submit your application to open vacancies that might suit you.

This information will be analysed by the Bank and kept in our database for future reference.


To which areas can I apply?
The Bank is organised in the following Areas:

Business Areas

Sino-EU Mergers & Acquisitions
Capital Markets
Fixed Income
Asset Management
Structured Finance
Corporate Derivatives
Corporate Solutions
Online Banking


Control Areas

Internal Audit
Risk Management


Support Areas

Human Resources
Special Portfolio Management
CEO Office
Information Technology


Can I apply to positions worldwide?
If you would like to be part of the Bank's international teams, you should express your interest in the application form. Fluency in more than one language, especially English, is fundamental.
We will consider it depending on the Banks needs in the various countries.


Where can I find the Bank’s Code of Conduct?
Haitong Bank’s Code of Conduct establishes the essential principles of behaviour that must be followed by the Bank’s employees and that are also applicable to its Branches and Subsidiaries. Click here to read: