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Privacy Regulation


The Bank will collect, use and disclose your personal data in accordance with its privacy policy and by using the Site you agree to it doing so.


Please read the available Personal Data Privacy Policy below:

Privacy Regulation
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The Bank may track and process information and data in relation to your use of our site using "cookies". We do not disseminate this information to anyone but the Bank's officers, employees and contractors.

The “Cookies” pop-up gives you more details about the Bank’s use of cookies. You may control which types of cookies the website may set on your device (known as your “cookie settings”).  Please ensure that you set your cookie settings accordingly if you do not consent to their use by the Bank.

When you save your cookie settings, they should also apply to your future visits to the website. However, for technical reasons beyond the Bank’s control, this cannot be guaranteed.  For example, if you reset your browser, delete your cookies or access the Bank’s website from another browser or device your cookie settings may be lost.

How can you access or review your personal data?

You may, where permitted by applicable law or regulation:

  • Verify whether we hold your personal data,
  • Request us to provide you with a copy of your personal data we may hold, and
  • Require us to rectify any of your personal data that is incorrect.

Should you have a request regarding the processing of your personal data please contact the following address:

Data Protection Officer
Rua Alexandre Herculano, 38 | 1269-180 Lisbon, Portugal