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Corporate Derivatives

Haitong Bank's Derivatives Desk assists companies in the immunization of their balance against financial variables that may negatively affect their profits, allowing them to focus on their core business, lock-in the margin in their products, and, above all, protect the value of the shareholder.

Companies are assessed by shareholders and investors based on the strength of their strategy and adequate coverage of risks in different economic cycles, meaning that a regular contact with a trading room is required to get acquainted with the performance of global economies and with the disclosure of economic data.

Haitong Bank's Derivatives Desk covers several asset classes such as interest rates, FX and commodities, providing its clients with tailor-made solutions to optimize their hedging strategy against the increase of interest rates, the exchange variations between payments and receivables of their products, and in fixing the cost / sale price of raw materials.

The Team has close to 20-years of combined experience in the several areas connected to Derivatives, such as Structured Finance and Project Finance, and keeps a direct contact with Financial Managers and CFO's of the most prestigious listed and non-listed companies in Portugal, Spain, Poland and Brazil.

The Team provides clients with direct contact with Haitong Bank’s Markets Desk and with a state-of-the-art electronic FX platform that offers features developed specifically for companies to be able to insert different FX execution and quotation requests at once and in real time, namely of Spots, FX swaps, and Outrights Forwards and NDF’s in emerging currencies.

Criteria for the Deferred Publication of Derivatives Transactions
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