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Currently present in 4 continents, the Bank operates in the main financial centres in the world

Haitong Bank S.A. is part of Haitong Securities, which is one of the leading investment banks and securities firms in China. Haitong Securities has currently over 340 securities branches, nearly 9 million retail customers and over 24,000 institutional and high-end customers in Greater China.

Haitong Bank provides a wide range of investment banking services for corporate and institutional clients in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Our main operations are located in the UK, Iberia, Brazil and Poland. The Bank offers a combined expertise in securities, research, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, advisory and project finance and has an unrivalled cross border approach, connecting opportunities across our broad network through a team of over half a thousand professionals globally.


What we do
Lisbon main services and business areas
  • Client Relationship & Origination

    The Client Relationship and Origination Division cuts across all the Bank's product lines, monitoring Clients and canvassing new business opportunities at both national and international level. This area is organised by industry sectors and locally managed by the respective Senior Country Officer, who coordinates a commercial team of expert professionals dedicated to the Clients' needs.

    While maintaining its focus on the Portuguese market, the area continues to enhance its presence in the international markets, fostering new cross-border business opportunities, especially in the more enticing emerging markets.

  • Capital Markets

    The Bank has an extensive track-record in both Equity and Debt Capital Markets.

    In Debt Capital Markets, the Bank's team implements financing solutions that involve the structuring and placing of Bonds in the national and international markets and is also responsible for structuring domestic commercial paper programmes for Corporate Clients.

    In Equity Capital Markets the Bank’s services include the structuring and coordination of privatizations, initial public offerings (IPOs), capital increases, public takeovers, as well as equity-linked securities such as convertible bonds.

    The Bank holds a reference position in the primary Equity, equity-linked and Debt Capital Markets in Portugal, where in the last few years it participated in most high profile transactions.

  • Equities

    This area includes all of the Bank's brokerage activities. The Bank operates and is a direct member of Euronext Lisbon, the Madrid Stock Exchange, the Warsaw Stock Exchange and Bovespa (Sao Paulo), with dedicated teams locally based in these geographies , as well as in London.

    As a result, the Bank has a wide distribution capability among domestic and international Clients, both institutional and private.

  • FICC

    Working closely with their corporate and institutional Clients, the Corporate Solutions and Institutional Structured Products teams strive to obtain an in-depth knowledge of each Client, so as to work out the most appropriate solutions taking into account market vision, risk profile, product maturity and expected returns as well as individual needs in terms of risk hedging, for corporate Clients, or investment periods and return objectives, for institutional Clients.

    Located in Lisbon, Madrid, London, Warsaw, Sao Paulo and New York, the FICC department's sales team has a strong distribution capacity and broad geographical coverage. The department is supported by the syndication team, responsible for pricing, marketing and executing the Capital Markets transactions, actively participating in the structuring of new operations and search for new opportunities.

    The Flow Trading team is responsible for market making in the secondary bond market for corporate, financial and sovereign issuers in markets considered strategic.

  • Asset Management

    The Asset Management team currently manages roughly one thousand portfolios of individual and institutional Clients. With a 12-year track record, the team boasts a high level of specialisation, flexibility and transparency. Its core activity is the selection of assets in the global equity markets, and in particular in those where the Bank is present and has its own research teams, namely in Iberia, the United Kingdom, Poland and Europe in general, as well as in Brazil.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    The M&A team is responsible for advising on and negotiating and structuring merger and acquisition, joint-venture, corporate restructuring, and disposal operations, as well as for economic and financial valuations of companies, for both private companies and in privatisation operations.

  • Structured Finance

    The Structured Finance Division’s services include financial advisory services, and structuring and arranging of non-recourse and limited recourse project finance facilities and structured finance facilities.

    As a result of the strong growth of this business, particularly in the infrastructure and renewable energy sectors, the Bank has developed specific skills and accumulated a high level of expertise at both national and international level.

    The Structured Finance team is responsible for the structuring, underwriting and primary syndication of debt financing for the acquisition of medium-sized and large companies.

    Having local specialised teams in the various geographies where it operates provides the Bank with in-depth knowledge of each market's characteristics and practices while giving it a strong competitive edge as well as unique conditions to meet the Clients' requirements.

  • Private Equity

    Haitong Capital, the venture capital firm of Haitong Bank, S.A., is one of the oldest in Portugal, operating in Iberia and also in Brazil.

    The company concentrates its activity on the development capital, infrastructure and energy segments, namely through investment in equity buyout and expansion transactions.

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