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Spain is a key country in the Haitong global strategy

Haitong offers investment banking services to Clients and Spanish Companies in the local and international markets. The Bank began its activity in our country in 2001 with the acquisition of Benito y Monjardin, one of the largest independent securities companies at that time, and has maintained a strong commitment to Spain ever since.

Our goal is to provide the best service to Companies and Spanish Financial Institutions, public sector Clients, as well as to the various multinationals operating in our country, through a broad range of financial products and services, providing the best professional teams in each of its areas.

In Spain and Portugal, the Bank is among the Iberian top-ranked in Business Banking, and is one of the leading foreign banks in our country. We are a global bank, with a range of products managed by highly skilled and motivated teams with a global geographical capillarity, allowing us leadership positions in services such as DMS, Derivatives Sales & Fixed Income, Capital Markets, Structured Financing and M&A.

The combination of a global platform with presence in the markets of Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia, together with a great local experience very close to our Spanish Clients are another distinguishing feature of the Haitong value proposition.

What we do
Madrid main services and business areas
  • Equities

    This area includes all Haitong's brokerage operations in Spain. It is divided into three areas: Research, Sales and Trading, with a total of 18 employees. The Bank provides brokerage services to a base of national and international Clients, mostly institutional Clients. At the Madrid Stock Exchange, the Bank is among the 10 most active members in terms of trading volume in a universe of 70 members. This privileged position is due to its distribution and placing shares capacity, accompanied by the quality of its Research, recognised by the market, and it is also due to all trading platforms and tools available to its Clients.

  • Derivatives Sales and Fixed Income

    It consists of three distinct areas: Fixed Income, Structured Products and Derivatives

    Fixed Income
    Specialised team in the sale of Iberia and Latam product - Corporate Bonds, Financial and Sovereigns - Plain Vanilla, Structured Bonds, Loans, ECP / CP, Hybrids, NPL's, Funds.
    Provides ideas of Trading, market comments and relative value analysis, and provides access to its electronic trading platform.
    It integrates into the global activity with a geographical expertise that promotes synergies and cross selling. Total coordination and support from the Syndication team and from DCM.
    Wide coverage of national and international Clients (Spain, Andorra, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Monaco, Israel) as Funds, Insurance Companies, Hedge Funds, Bank Treasuries and Trading Desks, Private Banks.
    Excellent distribution of the different products.

    Structured Products
    Creation and distribution of structured and derivatives products on Interest Rates, Exchange Rates, Equities (variable income), Raw Materials, Credit and Hybrids tailor-made to Clients needs and according to market vision, risk profile and maturity.
    We structure the products under our MTN program in Ireland, or under derived format.
    Secondary Market with daily prices published on Bloomberg and/or Reuters. Monthly reports.

    Derivatives Sales
    Aimed and focused to institutional Clients, the Derivatives Sales area gives advisory service, counterparties search and execution for the full range of derivatives listed worldwide.

    Corporate Solutions
    Analysis of corporate balance sheets of large companies in order to identify risks and offer tailored coverage solutions.
    Strong expertise in Interest Rates, Exchange Rates, Raw Materials, Credit, Inflation, working with a wide range of Instruments: Swaps, Options, Futures Exchange, FRA’s.

  • Capital Markets

    The Haitong team of Capital Markets in Spain has a proven track record in the origination, structuring and execution of transactions in the primary markets of equities and fixed income (bond market), through IPOs, public offerings, capital increases and accelerated capital placements as well as issuance of bonds, commercial paper and hybrid instruments.

    Among the differentiating factors valued by our Clients is a major international securities distribution platform, direct access to the largest domestic and international investors, sectoral specialised teams, a recognised international experience and commitment to the goals of our Clients.

  • Project Finance

    The Bank has extensive experience in project financing. This activity is focused on industrial sectors which have made great progress in recent years, mainly the different renewable energies and the infrastructures (including public-private partnerships). The Bank has local teams in each of its geographies, allowing it to adapt to the situation of each market and provide a global service to Clients with international interests.

  • Mergers and Acquisition

    Provision of financial advisory services in buying and selling businesses or assets, leveraged buyouts (LBO), mergers of companies or creation of joint ventures in all sectors and for different Client profiles, both industrial and financial or institutions controlled by governments and central administrations.

    Our Clients, both national and international, receive tailored advice adapted to the circumstances of each operation.

    Our team in Spain has extensive experience in executing transactions, having successfully completed 35 operations in the last five years of which 27 were cross-border.

  • Capital Structure Advisory Division

    The Capital Structure Advisory’s services include advisory and consulting services related to the structuring, mapping and implementation of solutions to manage risks associated with leverage. This division advises and supports the implementation of capital structure optimisation solutions and specifically corporate liabilities’ management.

    As a result of the strong growth of specific business, the Bank has developed specific skills and accumulated a high level of expertise at both national and international level.

    Having local specialised teams in the various geographies where it operates provides the Bank with in-depth knowledge of each market's characteristics and practices while giving it a strong competitive edge as well as unique conditions to meet the Clients' requirements.

Deals and Awards

Experience, Leadership and Success

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