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We combine an excellent knowledge of the Polish market with a successful international practice  

Haitong Bank in Warsaw is a branch of Haitong Bank S.A., registered in Lisbon and 100% controlled by Haitong Securities Co. Ltd. (listed on the Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges) - a leading investment company dealing with securities trading in China. Haitong Bank has been operating in Poland since 2008 and has an established position in the corporate and investment banking markets. Providing services to our clients, both in Polish and English, we combine our experience with the skills of local teams in the execution of transactions in Europe, Latin America, China and other Asian countries.

We provide clients with comprehensive licensed services, M&A, capital markets (through the organisation of bond issues), credit financing and treasury solutions.  The combined expertise of our Polish team of nearly 50 experts, together with the experience of Haitong Bank, enables us to support our clients in achieving their goals. Our priority is to build long-term relationships with domestic and foreign clients from both the private and public sectors. We have a track-record of successful executions of  private and public projects in cooperation with a wide range of clients, including the Ministry of Treasury, private companies and entrepreneurs.

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What we do
Warsaw main services and business areas
  • Capital Markets

    We are an active player in the Polish Capital Market. We share our experience with our Clients, enabling them to secure financing through the issuance of bonds. We also share our investment knowledge and provide access to wide distribution capabilities both in Poland and in the world's largest financial centres.

    We offer our Clients a full range of investment banking services, including primary issues of corporate bonds. We support the placement of bond issues with our underwriting, i.e. we guarantee to take up a part, or in special cases the whole, of the issue. In the secondary market, we provide bond-trading services. As an arranger, we provide our Clients with access to institutional investors both in Poland and in the world's largest financial centres.

  • Fixed Income

    Haitong Bank’s Warsaw Branch has a wide range of capital market products, which enables customers to optimise the management of assets and liabilities in both the short and long term.

    The Bank offers very attractive deposit rates for varied periods. For Clients who prefer other forms of investing funds, we offer the opportunity to buy corporate bonds. The form of investment in corporate bonds involves increased risk, but in return, it also offers much higher interest rates.

    We supply our Clients with foreign exchange market instruments, as well as products designed to manage the interest rate risk. Derivatives are selected individually for each Client and are tailored according to their business needs.

    The Bank can swiftly and professionally arrange the issue of corporate bonds for companies seeking an alternative source of financing for their activities. This form of fund accumulation aids in the diversification of capital sources, in which investors tend to be financial institutions such as TFI, OFE and insurance companies.

  • Global Markets

    The Warsaw Branch assists companies in securing their balance sheets against financial variables that may negatively affect their profits, allowing them to focus on their core business, lock in the margin in their products, and, above all, protect the value of shareholders' shares.

    Companies are assessed by shareholders and investors based on the strength of their strategy and adequate coverage of risks in different economic cycles, meaning that regular contact with a Global Markets desk is required to get acquainted with the performance of global economies and with the disclosure of economic data.

    The Global Markets Department of Haitong Bank’s Warsaw Branch covers several asset classes such as interest rates or FX. The tailor-made solutions provided to its Clients by the Fixed Income desk to optimize their hedging strategy against the increase of interest rates and the exchange variations between payments and receivables are later on managed by Global Markets.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    The Mergers and Acquisitions Department offers a full range of advisory services for private capital transactions. These services include sell-side advisory, buy-side advisory, acquisitions and leveraged buy-outs, management buy-outs, and growth capital raising.

    The Warsaw Branch cooperates with companies of different sizes and scales of operations, as well as with Private Equity funds. We promote and support international investments of foreign entities in the Central and Eastern European markets and also investments of Polish companies in the Western, Southern European, North American, Brazilian and Asian markets. We are filling an important niche in investment banking services: building a bridge between the Chinese and CEE markets.

    Working closely with other departments of the Bank allows us to offer fully integrated services of transaction advisory. These services include private transactions, all types of transactions based on the public market, and obtaining debt financing via bonds.

  • Structured Finance

    We are able to offer our Clients company-ready and tailor-made solutions for financing and for domestic and foreign trade finance products.

    Our experienced team advises and assists in identifying and securing trade-related risks. In order to support the credibility of our Clients, we use products such as bank guarantees and counter guarantees. We provide a flexible approach and operational efficiency during transactions and, when proposing financing solutions, we put emphasis on the processing efficiency and the Clients’ relationship with the Bank.

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Haitong Bank, S.A., Oddział w Polsce

59 Złota Street, floor V

00-120 Warsaw - Poland

(Entrance “Lumen” from Jana Pawła II Avenue)

+48 22 347 4000