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We combine an excellent knowledge of the Polish market with a successful international practice

Haitong Group is the first Asia-based global capital markets player, with a well-established investment banking operation in Poland. Since 2008 our team has been successfully offering our services in Poland. As the only international investment banking institution in the country we provide fully fledged investment banking services in Polish. We are a local one stop shop offering full range of investment banking products and services. Our goal is to build long lasting relations with Clients from both private and public sectors. We provide our Clients investment and corporate finance advisory, corporate finance services, comprehensive assistance in mergers and acquisitions, as well as project finance solutions. We also support acquisition of both debt and equity capital, offer brokerage house services and deliver research coverage of more than 60 WSE listed companies.

By using the expertise of our Polish team of almost 60 experts, as well as the experience of the Bank, we combine an excellent knowledge of the Polish market with a successful international practice. This allows us to be flexible in development of innovative solutions and to effectively support our Clients in achieving their goals. We have successfully advised in strategic projects, both private and public for clients such as the Ministry of State Treasury, numerous private companies and entrepreneurs, as well as Private Equity funds.

What we do
Warsaw main services and business areas
  • Investment and Corporate Banking Origination

    The Polish branch of Haitong Bank is committed to the development of cooperation between the Bank and corporate and public sector Clients.

    The Investment and Corporate Banking Origination team coordinates activities throughout all departments of the Bank to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our services. Our goal is to identify Customers' needs and requirements to provide them with the services that are tailor-made for their business activity. This is achieved by the combination of personalised financial products, with standard solutions, such as loans and guarantees.

    As part of a global Group, we are able to give our Client's transactions an international dimension.

  • Equity Capital Markets

    With Haitong Group's broad experience in capital markets, we combine knowledge about investments with high distribution potential of securities both in Poland and in major financial centres around the world.

    Our experience allows us to offer a full range of services, such as preparation of primary and secondary public offerings, non-public offerings, Accelerated Bookbuilding transactions (ABB), tender bids, privatisations, and other equity market transactions and products.

  • Treasury and Fixed Income

    The Polish branch of Haitong Bank has a wide range of capital market products, which enables customers to optimise the management of assets and liabilities in both short and long term.

    The Bank offers very attractive deposit rates for varied periods. For Clients who prefer other forms of investment we offer certificates of deposit or alternatively corporate bonds. The form of investing in corporate bonds involves increased risk, but in return it also offers much higher interest rate.

    We supply our Clients with foreign exchange market instruments, as well as products designed to manage interest rate risk. Derivatives are selected individually for each Client and are tailored to the business needs of the Clients.

    The Bank can swiftly and professionally arrange the issue of corporate bonds for companies seeking an alternative source of financing their activities. This form of funds accumulation aids in the diversification of capital sources, in which the investors tend to be financial institutions such as TFI, OFE and insurance companies.

  • Trade Finance and Other Lending

    We are able to offer our Clients company-ready and tailor-made solutions for financing and domestic and foreign trade transactions.

    Our experienced team can advise and assist in identifying and securing trade related risks. In order to improve the credibility of our Clients, we use products such as bank guarantees, counter guarantees, and standby letters of credit and surety. We provide flexible approach and operational efficiency during transactions. When constructing solutions, we put special emphasis on effectiveness of services and Client relationships with the Bank.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    The Mergers and Acquisitions Department offers a full range of advisory services for private capital transactions. The services include seller advisory, acquisitions and leveraged buy-outs, management buy-outs, and growth capital gaining.

    In Poland, the Bank cooperates with companies of different sizes and scale of operations, as well as with Private Equity funds. We promote and support international investments of foreign entities in Central and Eastern European market and also investments of Polish companies in the Western, Southern European, North American, Brazilian and Asian markets. We are filling an important niche in investment banking services, building a bridge between Chinese and CEE markets.

    Working closely with other departments of the Bank allows us to offer fully integrated services of transaction advisory. These services include private transactions, all types of transactions based on the public market, and obtaining of debt financing in the form of bonds.

  • Project Finance and Securitisation

    The Bank's aim is to provide our Clients the highest quality innovative solutions that cover three areas:

    Financial Advisory Services
    includes services associated with creating the financing structures of investment projects without recourse or with limited recourse, as well as creating public-private partnership projects.

    we are able to prepare the structure, arrangement and securities to create a consortium and to manage non-recourse and controlled return loans.

    includes projecting and creating the structure of transactions.

  • Debt Capital Markets

    We are a highly active player in the Polish Capital Market. We share our experience with Clients by granting them access to market sources. We also share our investment knowledge and provide access to wide distribution capabilities, both in Poland and in the world's largest financial centres.

    Our experience allows us to offer a full range of services, from the initial preparation of corporate bonds to the servicing of trade bonds on the secondary market. As an arranging entity we can provide our Clients access to institutional investors both in Poland and in the international financial markets.

  • Acquisition Finance

    The Polish branch of Haitong Bank offers solutions such as planning, structuring, organising, and guaranteeing for debt. We also offer corporate banking solutions for local and international Clients that work with teams from our branches in London, Lisbon, Madrid, New York, Sao Paulo and Hong Kong.

  • Equity Research

    The Equity Research Department consists of a team of experts who regularly prepare analytical reports and recommendations for listed companies from Poland and the Emerging Europe region. Our Polish analysis team is an integral part of a global team of analysts of the Haitong Bank Research, which covers 70 companies. At the moment we provide research coverage of nearly 30 companies listed on the WSE in the sectors of: banking, insurance, energy, fuels, raw materials, heavy industry, telecommunications & IT, media and retail and distribution.

    List of covered companies:
    PKO BP, Bank Pekao SA, Bank Citi Handlowy, Alior Bank, Bank Millennium, Santander Bank Polski, ING BSK, mBank, PZU, PKN Orlen, Lotos, KGHM, JSW, Bogdanka, Orange Polska, Cyfrowy Polsat, Wirtualna Polska, Asseco Poland, Netia, Agora, Comarch, Play, R22, Ten Square Games, Livechat, LPP, CCC, Stalprodukt, Famur.

  • Capital Structure Advisory Division

    The Capital Structure Advisory’s services include advisory and consulting services related to the structuring, mapping and implementation of solutions to manage risks associated with leverage. This division advises and supports the implementation of capital structure optimisation solutions and specifically corporate liabilities’ management.

    As a result of the strong growth of specific business, the Bank has developed specific skills and accumulated a high level of expertise at both national and international level.

    Having local specialised teams in the various geographies where it operates, the Bank provides in-depth knowledge of each market's characteristics and practices while giving it a strong competitive edge as well as unique conditions to meet the Clients' requirements.

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    Jednocześnie przypominamy, iż inwestowanie w instrumenty finansowe łączy się z wysokim ryzykiem, w tym m.in. ryzykiem właściwym dla instrumentów rynku kapitałowego o charakterze udziałowym oraz ryzykiem związanym z działalnością emitenta oraz z otoczeniem, w jakim dany emitent prowadzi działalność. Przed podjęciem decyzji inwestycyjnej, każdy inwestor powinien zapoznać się z dostępnymi informacjami dotyczącymi danego emitenta, a także w razie potrzeby zasięgnąć opinii odpowiednich uprawnionych do tego doradców.

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