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The Bank, which has had a presence in Brazil since the year 2000, is controlled by Haitong Bank, S.A. (80%) and Banco Bradesco (20%)

Haitong Banco de Investimento do Brasil, S.A. was incorporated in Brazil in 2000 and is controlled directly by Haitong Bank,S.A headquartered in Portugal (80%), and indirectly by Haitong Securities, an investment bank headquartered in Shanghai, China. Banco Bradesco holds 20% interest in its capital.

The operations of Haitong Banco de Investimento do Brasil (Haitong Brazil) include financial advisory services in the areas of capital markets, mergers & acquisitions, project finance, structured operations, treasury and risk management. It also offers credit to operations related to its investment banking activity.

What we do
Sao Paulo main services and business areas
  • Client Relationship and Origination

    The Client Relationship and Origination area operates in prospecting for all product lines of the Bank with the focus on Investment Banking (IBK), encouraging cross-selling opportunities among the business areas and closely monitoring its Clients, by identifying business opportunities in Brazil and abroad.

    The area is organized by industry sectors and is locally managed by Head of Client Relationship & Origination, who coordinates a team of Senior Bankers with deep knowledge of their industries and with access to the senior management of companies, offering high-quality services and delivering transparent and superior solutions on a timely manner.

    The business originated by this team is mostly related to Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Capital Markets, Derivatives, Risk Management and Structured Finance transactions.

    Despite the focus on the Brazilian market, the area continues to strengthen its presence in international markets, encouraging contact and access to cross-border clients and seeking overseas business opportunities.

    The Bank’s approach to business is based on forging close relationships with Companies/Clients and developing an in-depth knowledge of markets, which enables it to identity unique opportunities, both locally and internationally

  • Capital Markets

    The Capital Markets team in Brazil works closely with corporates, financial institutions and government related entities in order to find the best financing option through debt security or securitization for each client. We offer our clients Plain Vanilla Non-Convertible Corporate Debentures (secured or unsecured), Infrastructure Debentures, Promissory Notes and Commercial Notes, Bank Notes for Financial Institutions, and the debt-securitization products such as Real Estate Certificates (CRI), Agribusiness Certificates (CRA) and the Receivable Funds (FIDC).

    We rely on a highly qualified and experienced team with professionals located in Brazil, in Europe (focusing on the Iberian countries), in addition to the strong presence in Asia (Hong Kong and Shanghai), whose market intelligence has been establishing a successful footprint for the search of the best financing solutions through debt and/or receivable-based securities. Haitong’s professionals provide support to its clients throughout all the phases of structuring a transaction and attracting investors, aiming at a successful placement.

    Our local presence in Brazil, our distribution capabilities in the major financial hubs and strong footprint in China/Asia give us an unrivalled position for securities’ distribution.

    The Bank has an extensive track-record in this area. As such, in the past few years, Haitong Brazil has constantly taken part in the main local raking comprising the most active banks in local debt capital markets, according to the Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets Association (ANBIMA).

    The Bank has extensive expertise and proven track record in important sectors such as infrastructure (toll roads, energy, logistics), agribusiness, consumption, industrials and financial.

  • Corporate Finance

    The Bank in Brazil offers a complete financial advisory service in Mergers and Acquisitions, including sell-side and buy-side transactions, financial evaluations, and Fairness Opinions. These services include transactions at national level, as well as cross-border operations, supported by its global investment banking platform.  

    Through its dedicated team, the Bank in Brazil occupies a leading position in the local Mergers and Acquisitions market, being positioned among the ten largest banks in the main rankings.

  • M&A

    Geographic diversification and industry expertise confirm that Haitong Brazil is a reference in the provision of investment banking specialized services.

    In Brazil, the Bank offers financial advisory services in Mergers and Acquisitions, including sell-side and buy-side advisory, financial valuations and Fairness Opinions.

    These services encompass domestic and cross-border transactions, supported by its global investment banking platform. 

    Through its dedicated team, the Bank occupies a leading position in the local Mergers and Acquisitions market.

  • Treasury

    Risk Management – We offer advisory services to Corporate and Institutional clients and offer derivative, foreign exchange and cash management products. Offerings range from plain vanilla derivatives to tailor-made operations based on each client’s specific needs, while weighing the risks and scenarios. We offer a full range of investment products, including: Agribusiness Letters of Credit (LCA), Real Estate Credit Notes (LCI), Certificates of Deposit (CDB), Government Bonds and Repo Operations, with the product adapted to the investor's profile, as in the case of our investment option known as Structured Operation Certificate (COE).

    Distribution – Focus on the distribution of Fixed Income products (Vanillas and Securitized) covering the primary and secondary markets and Market Maker services. Our comprehensive coverage includes a wide range of investor types (Institutional, Wealth and Independent Channels) and, given the Bank’s global presence, we also offer international structured product distribution services through our offshore desks.

    Owner Trading – We operate in local and international markets covering an extensive an extensive range of assets and markets supported by rigorous risk controls. We also work to equalize the risk factors related to the operations and structures developed jointly with clients.

    ALM – Management of bank assets and liabilities to maximize their efficiency. We also plan and provide the funds required for the Bank’s activities to ensure the maintenance of adequate liquidity levels. Concentration of pricing and transfer-pricefor asset operations and for structures developed by the Risk Management Desk.

  • Structured Finance

    Through its Structured Finance team, Haitong Brazil offers financial advisory services and helps to structure, finance and guarantee projects and provides structured finance, securitization and bank guarantee services to foster the infrastructure development in Brazil and Latin America.

    In addition to advisory services for projects and competitive processes (auctions), Haitong Brazil also offers structured corporate finance, trade finance and acquisition finance services and escrow account solutions, as detailed below:

    Financial Advisory
          Structuring and raising of non-recourse and limited-recourse loans;
          Participation in competitive processes (auctions);
          Financial Modeling and participation in Due Diligence processes;
          Financial advisory services for refinancing/restructuring;
          Structuring, organization, subscription and syndication of operations (club deals and distribution to investors).

          Structuring and raising of capital, and subscription and syndication of non-recourse and limited-recourse loans.

    Acquisition Finance
          Identification of opportunities to finance acquisitions (combined with M&A operations);
          Assessment of potential buyers and target companies;
          Analysis and definition of the contractual business package;
          Definition of after-acquisition obligations;
          Structuring, organization, subscription and syndication of operations (agreements and distribution to investors).

          Origination and structuring of securitization operations.

    Bank Guarantees
          Issue of Bid Bonds for competitive processes (auctions);
          Issue of Bank Guarantees to guarantee loans;
          Issue of Performance Bonds for Project Finance clients.

    Trustee Service
          Cash flow management services for debt payments;
          Escrow account solutions.

  • Distribution

    Capital Market
    Haitong Brazil operates in the structuring and distribution of investment products developed according to the needs of each customer. It seeks to understand their market and specific segment, in order to advise them in raising funds from local institutional investors.

    Fixed Income Products
    Medium and long-term corporate credit risk securities with fixed, floating or hybrid compensation. They follow the Income Tax taxation rule, with the exception of exempt products.
          • Debentures
          Debt securities issued by joint-stock companies (S.A.) with the objective of financing liabilities, with different tenors.

          • Promissory Notes
          Medium-term security, generally issued by joint-stock companies as a form of financing.

          • Financial Bill
          Fixed-income security issued by financial institutions to raise long-term funds, with a maturity of more than two years.

    • Receivable Funds (FIDC)
            Credit rights investment fund, open or closed, with a fixed or indefinite term in accordance with the regulation, whose structure aims to anticipate the rights of future income of companies from various sectors, such as financial, commercial, industrial, real estate, provision of services, among others.
    • Agribusiness Certificates (CRA)
            Medium and long-term security issued by securitization companies, backed by agribusiness securities, such as CPR-Financeira, debentures, CDCA, NCE/CCE, among others, anticipating future revenue of the debtor company. This product is exempt from Income Tax for individual investors.
    • Real Estate Certificates (CRI)
            Medium and long-term security issued by securitization companies, backed by real estate credits, such as lease contracts, real estate purchase and sale contracts, debentures or CCBs intended for real estate credit, anticipating future revenue of the debtor company. This product is exempt from Income Tax for individual investors.

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