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Haitong Bank reports a Net Profit increase for 2023

Haitong Bank increases the Net Profit by 55%, reporting €17 million

Haitong Bank reports a 2023 Net Profit of €17 million, a 55% increase versus a Net Profit of €11 million in 2022.

Total Banking Income for the year was €76 million, 2.7% higher than the €74 million reached in 2022. The overall results were well supported by the Bank's credit activities and active liability management, resulting in a significant increase of the Net Margin that more than doubled to €36 million.

As a result of its strong discipline regarding credit, the Bank has consistently shown solid Asset Quality indicators with a 1.2% NPL and 1.4% NPE at the end of 2023. The Bank also maintained a strong capitalisation with a 19.0% CET1 ratio and a 23.8% Total Capital ratio.

Throughout 2023, the Bank took several strategic initiatives to upgrade its presence in regions such as London, Macau, and Paris and further developed business areas such as Asset Management and Online Banking.


Access the 2023 Financial Report here