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Asset Management

Creating value through a synergic combination between the teams’ local expertise and a dynamic, flexible and balanced management

The Asset Management (AM) team of Haitong Bank prides itself on its high levels of specialisation, acumen and transparency, as illustrated by the division’s 17-year track record in the stock markets.

The AM activity is one of Haitong Bank’s most important strategic areas, according to Haitong Securities, the Chinese Shareholder. The division’s long-standing experience in the European market, along with the Shareholder’s deep local knowledge in Asia, is a differentiating element in the AM global industry that has already been incorporated in the division’s current supply of products.

The AM team, whose headcount was increased in 2019, incorporates skills and knowledge from different asset classes and ‘know-how’ in management models of quantitative analysis. Different strategies are available to different investor profiles (institutional/private, appetite for risk and return), namely via the management of individual portfolios and/or investment funds.