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Haitong present at GIC's prize award to the final winners

The organisation of the Global Investment Challenge (GIC) awarded the prizes to the winners of its fifth edition at the beginning of the current month

The fifth edition of the GIC started on the 3rd of February and ended on the 12th of April. At the beginning of May the organisation delivered the prizes to the final and the weekly winners, in a ceremony held at the Ritz Hotel in Lisbon.

André Gonçalves came up first in the general category, having increased the value of his portfolio by EUR 1,544,409.82. Patrícia Gomes ranked second in this category, with gains of EUR 445,702.72, followed by Luís Ribeiro, with EUR 430,014.04. In the students category the final winner was Dário Florindo, whose portfolio appreciated by EUR 338,972.25. The contestant Ruben Reis won the second position, with gains of EUR 316,005.33, and Manuel Simas came up third, with EUR 282,021.37.

This edition of the GIC counted with more than two thousand participants, distributed by the two categories, general and students. Women represented 16% of the total number of participants, with students accounting for 29%. In terms of age, 80% of the competitors were under 35 years old. Haitong Bank sponsored for the first time this contest, which was also supported by Euronext. Banco Best's online trading platform was used during the game.

In its five editions, approximately 25,000 people have taken part in the Global Investment Challenge. The organisation is considering its internationalisation towards the end of the year, starting by Hong Kong and Macau.