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"Practical Guidance to Green Tech Opportunities in China: Exploring Realities and Debunking Myths"

CCILC hosted a workshop at Haitong Bank's headquarters on May 18.

Haitong Bank, in partnership with the EU SME Center, cooperated with the Luso-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCILC) in the ‘Practical Guidance to Green Tech Opportunities in China: Exploring Realities and Debunking Myths’ Workshop that took place at Haitong’s headquarters, in Lisbon.

Mr. Jianwei Wang, from the EU SME Center, and Mr. Johnny Browaeys, Vice-chair of the European Chamber Working Group, were the key speakers at this Workshop.


Haitong Bank’s Executive Board Member, Mr. Miguel Guiomar, gave the welcoming speech to the event focused on Green Tech opportunities in Chinese markets, explaining the need for companies to deepen their knowledge on the topics of both greentechs and China:

The issue of sustainability and environmental responsibility is no longer a ‘nice to have’, but a ’need to have’. All of us, as inhabitants of planet earth, have a collective obligation to hand over to the future generation a planet that, from the point of view of natural resources and environmental conditions, is equal to, or better, than the one we received from the past generation.

Obviously, much of this issue involves profound behavioral changes from all of us as a society. It’s interesting to understand how the innovations brought by greentechs can help us in this process.

China, along with India, is the most populous country in the world; the 2nd largest economy in the world; and one of the most dynamic economies. ESG themes are thus fundamental from both the point of view of issues related to environmental sustainability and the ambitious global carbon neutrality and also from the economic point of view related to the ambition of European companies to operate in the Chinese market, and vice versa.


Regarding how Haitong Bank contributes to these efforts, Mr. Miguel Guiomar explained:

ESG is present in the Haitong Group's DNA. The Group is currently adopting practices to contain CO2 emissions and contribute to the planet's carbon neutrality. As a result of this practice, in 2022 the Group's ESG rating, assigned by MSCI, was improved to one of the highest ratings, which distinguishes the best companies in this regard. The Group was also distinguished in China as ‘Best company in ESG practices in listed companies’.

Both in China and Portugal, we have been one of the major drivers of green bond and sustainability-linked bond issues, advising our clients on all aspects related to these types of issues, including the adoption of good practices in matters of ESG as imposed by these instruments.

In addition, the Group includes in its decision-making process an internal assessment of the ESG risks of its customers and of the transactions in which it participates.