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Great start of 2017 for the CEE Equity Research team at Haitong Bank

Haitong Bank, as the only brokerage house, won in 4 categories in the 15th annual edition of Parkiet’s “Biggest stars among equity analysts” ranking

A dividend stock portfolio created for Parkiet by Konrad Księżopolski, head of CEE Equity Research team of Haitong, also took 3rd place in terms of profit for the whole 2016. The portfolios are picked for Parkiet by 6 different brokerage houses.

In the most prestigious ranking of equity research analysts in Poland, 32 investment groups from Poland’s TFI, Open Pension Funds and asset management business, assessed 133 analysts in 15 categories of different sectors. Konrad Księżopolski, Head of CEE Equity Research at Haitong Bank in Warsaw, emerged victorious in two categories: telecoms/media and IT. Also Haitong’s analysts Kamil Stolarski and Cezary Bernatek won in their relevant categories: banking sector and developer sector respectively.

In the same week Parkiet, a leading Polish daily newspaper, covering capital markets, published results of its dividend stocks portfolio for 2016. Haitong Equity Research team took 3rd place, with the joint profit from the stocks selected at 35.2 percent. Every quarter the representatives of 6 brokerage houses select companies they believe will perform best in the coming three months. According to the newspaper, the dividend portfolio of Parkiet, consisting of 6 brokerage offices, gave 27.7 percent rate of return in 2016, beating the wide market by over 16 percent. Parkiet considered that Haitong Bank coped exceptionally well in Q4. Stock selected by Konrad Księżopolski brought in this period over 13 percent rate of return by the end of 2016, although the market turned out to be better than Parkiet’s portfolio predicted.