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Haitong Bank partnered with Forbes to create the first “List of top 100 Biggest Polish private companies”

Elaborated criteria and methodology to evaluate the value of these companies counted with the help of Haitong Bank

The investment banking team of Haitong Bank was engaged in the development of this ranking from a very early stage. When making this compilation, authors used current and financial reports published by companies, Haitong Bank’s estimates and information available in public and private databases.

Bartłomiej Dmitruk, Senior Country Officer of Haitong Bank, commented the ranking’s results from Warsaw, additionally also providing an interview to Forbes, on how to build value of enterprises. “Polish firms still use very little debt when conducting their day-to-day business, even today the biggest companies don’t seize the small investment opportunities” – stated Bartłomiej Dmitruk. “If Polish companies want to continue to grow, they should rather look into consolidating the market or takeover firms abroad” – added Bartłomiej Dmitruk.

This year’s Top 3 of the Biggest Polish private companies ranking, by market value, were: Cyfrowy Polsat, LPP and CCC. In the category of Top 5 of the list, the two remaining companies to include are: Synthos and Polpharma.

As the List being created was of Polish companies, the authors considered one of their criteria’s for the ranking being where, firstly, the majority of the company is owned by a Polish entrepreneur or a group of Polish entrepreneurs, and secondly, the company where a Polish entrepreneur has a minority stake but who actively manages or controls the company on a management or supervisory board level.

Top 100 Biggest Polish private companies ranking is available here (only in Polish)