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Head of Haitong Bank research team in Poland talks about forecasts for the local stock market in 2019

Mr. Księżopolski talked about the expectations for the stock market in 2019 in interview with Parkiet daily.

In the interview, Mr. Księżopolski discussed whether the negative factors from last year could affect the Polish stock market again this year. He also analyzed the revenue on the WSE, which makes the prices of many companies more attractive and could lead buyers to return to the WSE. Mr. Księżopolski also talked about which companies – small, medium or large – could positively surprise investors this year.

The Head of the research team at Haitong Bank suggested that overweighting portfolios with dividend-paying companies might be a good idea given the fact that these companies willingly share profits. He also shared the team prediction about  which industries could be the most attractive and worth investing in in the upcoming months.  - It’s worth selecting companies within the same sector because the differences in prices or business scale often decides their attractiveness – said Mr. Księżopolski in the interview for Parkiet.