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Polish branch of Haitong Bank acted as a lead manager of tender offer of Graal S.A.


Haitong Bank has successfully led the public tender offer for 55.77% of shares of Graal, a leading Polish fish processing company, listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange. Number of subscriptions reached 2,903,725 shares, which exceeded the minimum threshold of 2,476,503 shares. As a consequence, both Mr. Kowalski and Abris Capital Partners will be able to decide on taking the Company private and implement an ambitious development strategy for Graal.

On August 26, 2016, CEO and Founder of Graal, Mr. Bogusław Kowalski, supported by Abris Capital Partners, a leading mid-market Private Equity fund for Central and Eastern Europe, announced a tender offer for 55.77% (4.49 mn shares) of Graal. Subscriptions for shares started on September 15, 2016 and lasted until October 14, 2016.

As a Lead-manager, Haitong Bank was involved in every stage of the transaction and offered comprehensive services regarding preparation and handling of the public tender offer. Haitong participation in the transaction included both, advisory for Abris throughout the investment process and execution of the tender offer.

"From Haitong Bank’s perspective it is a project, which confirms our strong position of a "one stop shop" investment bank on the Polish transaction advisory market. Haitong supported Abris during all stages of the entire analytical, decision-making and execution process, providing services with involvement of M&A, ECM and brokerage teams" – said Bartłomiej Dmitruk, Senior Country Officer of Haitong Bank Warsaw.

Funds secured from the transaction with Abris Capital Partners will help Graal accomplish its investments plans, which comprise among others international expansion and vertical integration, including large capital investments in acquisitions of salmon farms.

More information are available here and here (only in Polish)