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Haitong Bank announces the establishment of the Macau Branch

Following the Bank of Portugal, the relevant Macau authorities concluded this authorization process in July 2021

Haitong Bank reported that the establishment of Haitong Bank's Macau Branch was formally authorized, as per the Executive Order of the Macau Chief Executive published 19th July 2021 on the Macau Official Gazette.

This authorization completes the approval issued by the Bank of Portugal on the establishment
of this new international unit of Haitong Bank.

Upon this news, Mr. Wu Min, the CEO of Haitong Bank, highlighted: "The establishment of the Macau Branch is instrumental to Haitong Bank's global organizational set-up in order to accommodate and better implement its business strategy. Specifically, the Macau Branch is expected to play an active role in capturing business opportunities in the Great Bay Area, a region comprising nine megacities in the Guangdong region plus Hong Kong and Macau, representing 12% of the GDP of Mainland China and covering a population of 71 million people."